Keep Knocking

Dr. Kostow has PERSONALLY knocked on OVER 50,000 doors since March 2003! This has produced so many NEW PATIENTS that he created KEEP KNOCKING to share what he has learned with other chiropractors.

He has pledged to share the BIG IDEA of chiropractic with 65,386 people face-to-face! He will accomplish this goal by December 31, 2019.

Developer of KEEP KNOCKING founded March 2003.

Creator of the International Face-to-Face Chiropractic Education Day ( IFF CED) held the 2nd week in May each year.

Currently Owns and operates Kostow Chiropractic in Hershey, PA.

His professional passions are delivering chiropractic care and teaching chiropractors how to serve more NEW PATIENTS by educating people face-to-face.

Dr. Kostow shares his programs with hundreds of people just like you every year.

He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training from the University of Delaware. In 1986 during his senior year at the University, he was hired as a student intern for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles Football Club. Kostow continued in that role for two years, at which time he was promoted to a full time Athletic Trainer.

It was during his tenure with the Eagle's that he began working closely with the team's chiropractor. While he continued honing his skills with the Eagles, Dr. Kostow began his formal chiropractic training. Upon receiving his Doctorate, Dr. Kostow worked as the chiropractic consultant for the Eagle's and operated his chiropractic practice in Wilmington, DE. until 2000. Today he maintains a close working relationship with the Eagles team chiropractor Dr. Frank Brady.